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Showing posts from April 22, 2009

Are You a Supermom or a Super Mom?

There has been a trend in women that has seemed to grow and snowball throughout the years. I suppose the temptation to be able to be the best at everything lies within all of us. However with the dawn of feminism a new sort of perfectionism reared it's head and it has permeated society with a vengeance. It is the 'supermom' mentality.

Supermom can do it all. She can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan. She will be well respected and indispensable at work. In her smart business suit and heels she can still manage to chase down toddlers, cook gourmet meals, and keep a perfect house. Her children will be smart and well behaved.

Even better, she can morph to fit different expectations. If she does not work outside the home Supermom can be the carpool queen. She will simultaneously manage to get 4 kids to opposite corners of the city at the same time for their various practices and games. She will tirelessly volunteer at school whether it is room mother or PTA president…

I'm Still Around :)

My week is flying by and I haven't even posted! Sorry about that! I have been on the go and I have been working a little at a time on a post for women.

Monday afternoon I had to make a run to see The GuitarMan. We got together with friends that night for supper and by the time I got the children to bed I was ready for sleep myself!

Tuesday evening I made the Wal-mart run. Everything wound up costing much more than it should have so that was nerve wracking. I have decided that I have a love-hate relationship with Wal-mart. Once again I was just so tired last night.

So I have the other post I am working on. Hopefully I will have it done soon. For now I have a pile of things to get to. Homeschooling to be completed, laundry (all of it is waiting), bake bread and something sweet, dishes, sweep and mop, clean the carpets and that doesn't include the general picking up that needs to be done. Still need to start preps for supper, too. Whew! I think I mentioned in a previous post that I…