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Showing posts from November 30, 2009

Walking in Their Shoes

Who are the people that you look down on? "Well, no one!" you say. But if you were really honest with yourself is that the true answer?
How often do we look down our noses at someone, never thinking about the advantages we have been given which perhaps they were not? Do you put people into "classes" in your mind? Well, this one is just a factory worker, this one went to community college, he went to Harvard, that one has a masters, she's just a waitress, .....and the list goes one. Can I just break something to you? Those things don't make the person! And if the money is the thing you just can't get past, then you need to realize that factory worker or mechanic or garbage man may be making more money that some people with a college education.
I'm not just talking financial advantages either. There are other things in life that shape who we are in a much more pinpointed way than money. There's home life, friendships, extended family, church famil…