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Showing posts from October 23, 2011
It's my husband's birthday today. We haven't done anything particularly special to celebrate but it's been a good day nonetheless. We went to church and he preached a great message on being useful and not wasting your life away.

When we came home, lunch only took a few minutes. I had already cooked lunch in the crockpot. Have you seen the crockpot girls on facebook? They have some terrific recipes.

I cooked the pork chops and gravy one except without pork chops LOL. It was SUPPOSED to use thick cut pork chops. Have you priced those? Good grief! So instead I found a family pack of country style ribs. By the time we got home from church they were perfect. Everyone liked it and the gravy was divine.

After we ate we all curled up in the living room and watched some of the Love Comes Softly movies I had taped. My little guy crawled up in my lap and promptly fell asleep. Great excuse to not get up for 2 hours!

Now we are all out back enjoying a lovely day. The FisherMan i…