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Showing posts from October 22, 2011

Wake-up Call

Around 6:00 AM this morning my little guy trudged into our room and I pulled him up in bed with us. I was greeted by ice cold legs and feet where he had kicked his covers off. As he snuggled down between us, I tried to go back to sleep, hoping to find the dream I had been in the middle of.

Which is when the Rat Terrier woke up and jumped down from the bed. Gravity doesn't work well with Pretzel when she stands up after sleeping all night so I jumped out of bed to catch her and run to the living room where I unceremoniously dumped her out the back door.
Not having much fur, she wasn't impressed.

I didn't care. I went back to bed, grateful to see my son still curled up trying to go back to sleep. I quickly slid under the covers, pulled him close, and tightly shut my eyes hoping to go back to dreamland. I didn't care what dream at this point as long as it was good.

Then Pretzel decided to remind me it is cold outside and she started up crying and barking. Sigh. I decid…