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Showing posts from September 3, 2009

What Must He Think of Me?

Obviously that post I mentioned never did make it around on my radar. I STILL have not remembered what it was even about! But there was a funny tonight and as soon as it happened I told The FisherMan, "Now you know that has to be blogged about!" So I have his full permission to share this! :)
I've shared before how sometimes I say one thing and he hears another. Well, this one was a doozy!
As I turned up the radio I said, "Oh, I absolutely love this group and their new song is fantastic!"
He said, "Oh, who is it?"
I SAID, " The song is Lay 'Em Down by NeedToBreathe."
He HEARD, " The song is Lay 'Er Down" by NeedTo Breed.
What must he think of me?
Don't answer that. :D