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We had our last cottage prayer meeting last night. This week will be VBS and the next is revival. What a blessing! Last night's activities ranged from a devotional, prayer time, food and fellowship, lots of it :), Nascar racing, a child's birthday party, horseback riding, a bonfire, outstanding praise and worship music around said was just a great time all around. There were believers, non-believers and backsliders all present but most of all the Holy Spirit was there and He was working. Worship took place!

Some Christians think the only way He will show up is if everyone present is a believer and on the right track being "good". But God says when two or more are gathered! If you have people in your life who need a touch from God they are not going to receive it by you withdrawing from them. They have to see Him through you! You don't have to participate in sin in order to live out a testimony and share Christ's love with them.

There are many people who know fully well that they are choosing to not live for Christ. But when you approach them with love and respect they will meet you with the same. And when you earn their respect they are not going to do anything around you that might offend you. I'm not saying it's always this way for there are always going to be some folks that love to flaunt their sin in front of a believer. But, my goodness, if you are saved can't you see that they simply don't have what you do? It wasn't your own righteousness that saved you. It was by grace. But there are many people who are wearing their salvation as a self righteous robe and they have forgotten what they were before Jesus stepped into their life.

Sometimes we all get caught up in finger pointing at sin. If we have never had to battle a particular sin in our own life we look down on someone else that does. Or if we easily conquered a sin we think it makes us better than the person who is trapped in the same sin. But it's all about Jesus. HE conquered the sin. not you! We better quit judging and start getting on our knees thanking God for His mercy. All believers can say the same thing, "He either spared me, strengthened me, or rescued me."

Go worship the Savior today. Don't just warm the pew and think that's all He needs from me. Live it out.


  1. I totally agree. Thanks for saying it so well. I am glad to have God's grace save me. It was a fun time.

  2. Country Life Girl,
    It sure was a fun time! Praise Him!


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