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Another Week

Well, the pins are still in. The doctor was all set to take the pins out but when he found out how bad things got last week following therapy he said no way. The pins must stay for another week. He is afraid the bone will give way again if the pins are taken out. It is actually better for them to be in right now as the bone is stronger with them in. Hey, it's healing so we can't complain!


  1. I'm glad it's healing. Someday this will all seem like a bad dream. My son went to basic training yesterday.

  2. Aww so sorry they couldn't be removed right now. Better to be safe than sorry though. Hope he's still in good spirits!

  3. Mary,
    Oh! {{{hugs}}} I know you must have such a mix of emotions in your heart! I have you all in my constant prayers.

  4. Patty,
    Yes, I agree completely! Although we liked him, I think the first doctor he had was way too quick to take him out of the cast. I wonder if the surgery would have been necessary had he left him in one. So I am glad this doctor is not risking it now with the pins. Although he did give him full permission to play a gig Sunday night which has this Mama nervous LOL!


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