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Glory Bread and Lucky Tomatoes

I have never taught my girls any memorized prayers or blessings, preferring instead to just encourage them to pray from the heart. But recently FlowerChild asked about "that blessing about God is good" and I decided since she had an interest I would teach it to them. So if she happens to mention it at snack time I will help her say it. Well, I noticed she was getting a line a bit off the other day. Instead of "Thank you, Lord, for this daily bread" she was saying "Thank you, Lord, for this glory bread."

Glory bread. My, my. From the lips of a babe comes a deep theological truth.

We should all be partaking of our "glory bread" and thanking God for it on a daily basis. Yet how many times do we feel hungry and try to fill it with worldly junk food instead of turning to pure healthy spiritual food?

We get physically hungry and scarf down empty prepackaged calories. Sometimes it's the Twinkies. Sometimes it's a burger. Usually we walk right past the refrigerator stocked with fruits and vegetables and lean meats in order to get to the junk food. Some days we don't even give it the chance. We go ahead and grab that fast food before we even go home. We don't feel like taking the time to prepare it. We want to feel full without the hassle of investing our time and energy into it. Oh, sure we know it isn't healthy. But we'll have plenty of time tomorrow to get back on track and do better. Other times we try to fool ourselves into thinking that salad that is drowning in fatty dressing is healthy because at least it isn't fried. It's green...somewhere under there.

Sounding a bit too familiar? I bet you know where I am going with this.

We get spiritually hungry and we tend to do the same thing. We walk right past our Bibles to fill our time with other things. I won't fill in the blanks on this one. You know what pulls you away. Whether it is a trial or a joy we forget to share it with the Lord first and foremost. Instead we go out, turning to our friends or _________ (there again, you know what you use instead of turning to God). We don't want to be bothered with taking the time to build that relationship to a point of recognizing that voice. His voice. We certainly don't want to have to wait on an answer! At other times we feed our hearts with "good" things like pretty clean movies or music or books or.....yeah, somewhere under there is SOMETHING healthy.

I've been guilty of it. We all have, I'm sure. I can get back on track tomorrow. I'll do better then. All the while, we are forming habits. How about this week we try to concentrate on getting real with God and partaking of His glory bread. It's heart healthy, you know.

By the way, I didn't correct FlowerChild on that. I sort of like it better. :)

Oh, what about lucky tomatoes, you ask?

Well, that was just a really cute moment the other day. You see, LadyBug absolutely loves the little grape tomatoes. Her daddy planted some just because she loves them so. Whenever some ripen he picks them for her and comes in the house, calling for her. She gets excited over those tomatoes! In fact, no one else has even gotten any yet. That sweet baby has eaten every single one.

Well, the other evening The FisherMan had to run up to the church and it was already dark. We rode with him and the girls found it to be quite spooky. FlowerChild, with all her drama, was quite vocal that she was scared. Little LadyBug said, "Well, I'm not!" I asked her, "You're not? Why?"

(Now I'm fully expecting her to say you don't have to be scared because it is God's house. This is the answer I have received before when I would tell them they can't run around alone at church. Well, wasn't I surprised?)

With a triumphant smile she patted her pocket and piped up, "Because! I have my lucky tomato!!"

My baby girls. Glory bread and lucky tomatoes. I'm gonna miss all this one day. :)


  1. I have said it before and I'll say it have a wonderful knack for writing..and for letting God use your words to get through to all of us knuckleheads out here!
    Thank you for writing this!

  2. Hello~I really enjoyed reading this post~it was just beautifully written. God bless, Rose

  3. Michelle,
    Thank you for your encouraging words!
    I hope with everything you have gone through lately that you are soaking up LIFE!!
    Be blessed!

  4. Rose,
    Welcome! I am so glad it spoke to your heart! Children have a way of teaching us!
    God bless you, too! :)

  5. Oh I just love this post! Really beautifully written. Great message. Your girls are just adorable. If only we could stay like that into adulthood.

  6. Patty,
    Thank you for your kind words. You are so right...if only we really could stay like that into adulthood. Since Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy then I would venture to say his biggest prize is our children's innocence.

  7. ryc: I am a book *nut*! The bookstore is my candy store. :o) Fortunately it's rubbing off on the girls too. Haha! Have a blessed week!

  8. Chris,
    Yeah, my husband groans when I say let's go to the bookstore. He knows I could stay in there for hours! :)


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