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On the Go

I am feeling the effects of a busy week so as I sit here and type I am also yawning like crazy! Hopefully I make sense as I ramble for a few minutes.

Yesterday was a go-go-go day. It was our first day back in school. We also had errands to run, groceries to buy and we found out quite incidentally that it was the last day we could sign FlowerChild up for soccer. So we had to also squeeze that in. Plus The FisherMan had a meeting to attend up in town last night.

We managed to get her registered for soccer and she is on cloud nine about it. It makes me happy to see her so tickled about it but honestly, for the life of me, I just don't get it! I tend to agree with LadyBug....she says she might would want to play "if maybe dey would walk a little more and not have to wun so much!" Yeah, what she said! All that running just to have someone dive in and kick the ball away from you and off you go again!

Today was school again, of course. Then we took off to go find cleats as she had outgrown her other pair. If your children play soccer and you have a Dick's Sporting Goods near you, take advantage of their soccer package. You get the cleats, shin guards, and a soccer ball for one discounted price. Anyway from there we headed to the soccer field for tryouts. All of that went well except for the fact that there are way more players than coaches. They started the tryouts off by literally begging for parents to coach. Then they stood there staring at all of us as we all stared back at them LOL!

Cornbread totally enjoyed himself during the tryouts. I let LadyBug and him loose on an empty field with the new soccer ball. It had rained so he managed to get quite wet and muddy. But he was so cute! He was hot and sweating so his hair curled up in ringlets and he had smudges of mud across his cheeks. His eyes were sparkling and he was squealing with delight as he ran around with a shiny purple soccer ball. (Yes purple, and her cleats were pink, natch!)

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror afterwards and I had not managed the cute factor at all! I had the hot, sweaty thing going but all my hair did was frizz up and poke straight up. And out. I had mud on me but all it did was stain my khaki capris. No squeals of delight either. Actually it was more groans when I saw myself...I guess that is better than say, screams of terror LOL.

Ah, youth!


  1. What fun!! We have soccer tryouts next week. It is hard to believe that summer vacation is over.

  2. Treany,
    Oh, isn't it the truth? The GuitarMan starts classes next week. This summer has flown!

    FlowerChild LOVES soccer. I just keep praying that she continues to get coaches who instill good attitudes and sportsmanlike behavior as well as a love of the game.


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