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Fruity Pebbles in My Shoes...

....tomato slice in the hallway....crayons in the car window. Ah, yes the life of a parent. When I was thinking of what to name this blog I remembered the time my sweet husband went to put on his dress shoes for church only to feel an odd squish. "Fruity pebbles in my shoes," he said. I thought about naming my blog that LOL. As for the tomato in the hallway, well, that happened this morning. No clue where that came from. And who hasn't had a crayon melt in the window or car seat?

I'm all for keeping the house a home but at times it catches up with all of us. Do what you can to keep it sanitary but don't fret too much if the little surprises happen. One of these days everything will stay where you left it and there will be no crayons or kid's cereal to be found in your cupboards. So today if you happen to slip your foot into your shoe only to be greeted by a squish try to see the humour in it. Although if you also have pets and it smells anything but fruity we'll all understand if you don't immediately laugh!

Have a blessed day! :)


  1. The "Fruity Pebbles in My Shoes" title is a good one. I am always finding something weird somewhere. And the mess is always ongoing. I swept and mopped last night, and then woke to find cheesy cracker crumbs everywhere from the kitchen, onto the table top, chairs, floor, and out throught the living room. Seems someone got hungry, raided the pantry, and left quite a bit of evidence. I'm suspecting the youngest child. I love your blog.

  2. Treany,
    Oh, I completely understand your pain LOL! I keep thinking our house is small enough I should be able to account for these little messes that pop up (and it's always right after you clean up, have you noticed?). Yet the little mysterious occurrences continue!
    Be blessed!!


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