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Memory Builders

Please check out the comment section on this post. It just shares some nice memories from some readers and it will make you look back on your own life. As I said in the comments the ordinary happenings of today are the memories of tomorrow! You may be living in "the good ole days!"

And have you noticed that the best memories from childhood are usually the simplest little things? Outside cooking in the mud or playing with roly polies and frogs. Playing with your cousins. Eating watermelon outside. Special trips to stay with family. Shopping together. Slumber parties. Jumping in the leaves. Exploring in the woods. Macaroni and cheese. Simple life! I am sitting here thinking back to some of my family and the memories I have. Some make me laugh out loud!

I remember staying one time with my Granddaddy and his wife Bessie. I had taken my stereo with me. One morning as I was sleeping the bedroom door was suddenly flung open! The stereo was turned way up to the Oak Ridge Boys singing Elvira (Aah-oomp-bop-ah-oomp-bop-ah-mow-mow) and there they were, Bessie still in her nightclothes and they were dancing away! Big ole smiles on their faces!

They lived in a singlewide trailer and another time there was very bad weather expected. They had one destroyed by a tornado. So Bessie did not take chances! We went and slept in the storm shelter that night. Not Granddaddy! He stayed up in the trailer. But in my eyes that was a grand adventure!

Everyday we are building memories, good or bad. What have you built today?


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