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What's For Supper?

All of us managing a home probably run into the same thing. I'm tired of the same old thing, what can I cook? It's fun to swap menu ideas, recipes, time/money saving ideas, etc. So, in that spirit I thought I might share our menu. What's on yours this week?

Leftovers: Santa fe soup for adults, homemade pizza for children

Pasta e fagioli, salad, breadsticks

Roasted crockpot chicken, stovetop stuffing, blackeye peas with corn

I'll be using the leftover chicken to make:
chicken pot pie, salad

Grilled cumin pork loin, grilled avocado stuffed with apple-chipotle salsa, rice

I'll be using the leftover pork to make:
Mexican green chilie stew, pork enchiladas, and BBQ sandwiches


  1. YUMMY! :) We didn't end up going to the grocery store this weekend, so I only have a few meals left for this week. Sunday night we had- homemade beef stew/cornbread. Monday night- Fried cube steak,baked potatoes,corn. Tonight I have a Pampered Chef meeting, so we'll have soup and sandwiches. Wednesday- Spaghetti w/ meatballs (homemade spag sauce/meatballs), salad, beadsticks .....Thursday or Friday prob homemade pizza. I found a yummy recipe for Mushroom Beef Melts, Bistro Potatoes & Tomato Bacon Beans that I want to try! I am always looking for new recipes also that are def. budget friendly!

  2. Hey Tiffany! That sounds like some yummy comfort food at your house! You know the thing about the pork is that it costs an average of $12 which seemed a bit high, at least at our house. But then I bought one on sale and realized just how many meals I could get from it. It stretches better than a chicken!


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