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Romantic Caterpillars

Happy Valentine's Day! Bet you are wondering about that title! Ha, you have to read through the rest of the post to find out! We had a wonderful supper last night. The GuitarMan came home yesterday and requested steak. Now normally we would have laughed but for two things.
1. He had a really rough week and there was nothing I could do to "fix" it so I just wanted to comfort him somehow. And 2. Steak was on sale cheap! On a side note, do any of you parents ever have that feeling of wishing you could just put your child in a bubble and protect them from ever being hurt? *Sigh* Yeah, me too. *Another sigh*

But back to my story. The Fisherman grilled the steak and I cooked some sliced potatoes and onions (so simple but so good!) along with a deluxe green salad. That was some good eating! I guess it was also pretty comforting too because The GuitarMan ate and promptly fell asleep!

This morning the girls helped me cook some heart-shaped chocolate-chip pancakes along with bacon for a special breakfast. You know we had to get our chocolate! Then we had great news. Soccer practice was canceled due to wet fields! Wa-hoo! Sorry, just wasn't in the mood to go sloggin through wet fields and entertaining the two younger ones for an hour, plus having to wash muddy clothes afterwards.

We had supper with the GuitarMan tonight and then went to Wal-Mart. You just see all kinds. Some were like us schlompin around in their jeans and t-shirts. (No, you won't find that word in the dictionary. But, what, like you have never schlomped around in Wal-Mart? LOL) Others were in their evening wear tiptoeing gingerly through. Now what exactly brings you to wal-mart in your evening gown or tux? Uh-oh, out of milk! No, wait that was us with our 2oo puppies! To be exact, we bought a 1/2 gallon of milk and 2 brightly colored humongous caterpillars. What can I say I have to bribe my children when I occasionally leave them and these were Valentine caterpillars, thus they were on clearance. They will make perfect little pillows for the pallets in the floor.

So was this a gloriously romantic day? naah. (Although there was something romantic about watching The FisherMan going through the checkout with those huge pink caterpillars. He is such a good daddy!) But was it enormously satisfying? Absolutely. We all spent time together today and laughed like crazy. There's nothing better!


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