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Buried Treasures

Do you ever feel like time just slips through your fingers at a rate that is just out of control? Christmas seems to make us more of aware of it as it rolls around seemingly sooner each year! It can be a challenge to make each day count, each relationship matter, each moment a treasure.

Recently I was reminded of this in a sad and unexpected way. A precious girl I knew years ago was tragically and brutally murdered. I had a very hard time putting it together in my head. Here were the memories of a sweet, unassuming girl colliding with the thoughts of what she must have endured in her last moments.

So many of us said the same thing. "I didn't know her that well." How many people pass through our lives and we never take the time to get beyond a surface relationship? Too often we are content to surround ourselves with acquaintances rather than investing the time to pursue something deeper. What treasured friends might we find buried in the clutter of our lives?

Maybe the best way I can honor her memory is to take that extra time to appreciate the little moments, to invest the time to get a little closer to that acquaintance. Because we simply don't know when the time is coming that will make it "too late." Do you have that co-worker or neighbor that you sort of feel a nudge to get to know or reach out to? Follow that leading and see where it leads just might find a buried treasure.


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