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It's been quite a while since I last blogged! Oh, I have tried a time or two. But, somehow the words just didn't flow the way they used to. There have been some changes in life.

We live in sunny Central Florida amidst the orange groves now. Obviously the children have grown. The girls are teenagers and my little guy turns 9 years old tomorrow. We gained a daughter-in law and have a grandbaby due any day now!

We still homeschool our children. Our household is still full of animals, laughter, and noise on any given day. I hope to share that with you soon!


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And so it begins...

Once again I find myself arranging ballerina buns and finding missing tap shoes. A new year of dance has begun and my girls could hardly contain their excitement.

The fun of pulling socks over shin guards is also here. The only difference is that it is now my sweet boy that is playing soccer. They can start at the age of 3 here and he was excited to play last year. But when he arrived for his first practice he balked and retreated to the safety of Mama's arms. He was barely 3 at the time and was even still in a pull-up so we really weren't surprised. This year, however, he was ready! Funny how they can seem so big at home and look so tiny on the field! He did quite well at his first practice though. I had no doubt he would. From the time he took his first steps he would grab a ball and dribble all over the yard. (Dribbling in soccer is when you see them lightly kick the ball to move it around the field. Very important skill as they must be capable of maintaining control over t…

Glory Bread and Lucky Tomatoes

I have never taught my girls any memorized prayers or blessings, preferring instead to just encourage them to pray from the heart. But recently FlowerChild asked about "that blessing about God is good" and I decided since she had an interest I would teach it to them. So if she happens to mention it at snack time I will help her say it. Well, I noticed she was getting a line a bit off the other day. Instead of "Thank you, Lord, for this daily bread" she was saying "Thank you, Lord, for this glory bread."
Glory bread. My, my. From the lips of a babe comes a deep theological truth.
We should all be partaking of our "glory bread" and thanking God for it on a daily basis. Yet how many times do we feel hungry and try to fill it with worldly junk food instead of turning to pure healthy spiritual food?
We get physically hungry and scarf down empty prepackaged calories. Sometimes it's the Twinkies. Sometimes it's a burger. Usually we walk right p…